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February 29th Charter Oak Brewing

Welcome to Charter Oak Brewing Company. Our Connecticut-based craft beers feature hand-crafted and innovative beers such as Pale Ales, India Pale Ales, Brown Ales and several seasonal, more robust beers. Our focus is to deliver you Connecticut’s freshest and best.

May 16th GOAT Days

A Celebration of what makes New Milford The Greatest Of All Towns. Food, Farms, Family & Fun ! Lots of kids games and crafts! Pet a baby goat - Build a Castle-Adopt a Bunny- Pony rides -and much, much more 

July 11 Witchdoctor Brewing

Witchdoctor Brewing Company is the culmination of creativity, pride in the quality of what we brew, and passion for the craft. Our slogan, “The Cure for What Ales You”, is a testament to the hard work we put into preparing, or curing, our beer so that we can bring it fresh to your taste buds. It is a nod to the rich history of beer. For thousands of years beer has been used for everything from a way to purify water, so that people don’t get sick, to being infused with herbs and spices as a means to promote health. While we don’t intend to "heal" anyone with our beer, we do want you to know just how delicious and satisfying this ancient beverage can be.

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